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Frequently Asked Questions

These FAQs represent just some of the questions we’ve been asked about iEducate Delaware. Click on a question to reveal the answer, and check back for updates.

About iEducate Delaware

1. What is the purpose of iEducate Delaware?

Leaders across the country have recognized Delaware as a leader in education reform and innovation. Yet when it comes to the individuals who are actually doing the challenging work both inside and outside the classroom, there don’t seem to be enough opportunities to recognize their efforts. We want to help tell their stories and honor and support these individuals, with the hope that it will also inspire others to find their own ways to have an impact.

2. Where does the name come from?

iEducate Delaware is reflective of the Delaware education community —  after all, everyone plays a part in educating our state’s students. We wanted a name that gave credit to all the individuals — parents, community members, policymakers, teachers, and other leaders — who make a major impact in our education system. We held a contest seeking suggestions for the name of this recognition initiative. The winning title was submitted by Sara Brosious, a wife, mom, and teacher. Read how she came up with the name in her own words.

3. What if I don’t live in Delaware?

iEducate Delaware honors, supports, and promotes education champions in Delaware, so only nominees who live or work in Delaware are eligible. That being said, if you don’t live or work in Delaware, you can still participate in other ways, whether it’s submitting nominations, voting on projects, or being part of the discussions. We want folks in other states to be inspired by what’s happening in Delaware — and we want to learn from them too.

4. When does iEducate Delaware happen? What is the timeline?
Beginning this year, iEducate Delaware aligns with the school year. We will accept nominations on our website (, starting this fall. The deadline for nominations is January 23. From these nominations, finalists are selected and announced early March. Delawareans then vote online for their favorite finalists until April 17. Honorees are announced in the spring, and the Honorees and their work are promoted throughout the year.

5. What are your criteria? What are you looking for?

iEducate Delaware Honorees include a broad range of Delawareans. If people are making a big difference in students’ education, they can be nominated to be an Honoree! Those who could qualify include teachers, parents, principals, school support staff, students, administrators, legislators, school board members, community leaders, and on and on. iEducate Delaware Honorees are:

- Innovative and creative — really out-of-the-box thinkers and doers;

- Collaborative with other community members; and

- Most importantly… help students learn and achieve more!

If you need inspiration, check out last year’s finalists and honorees.


6. Can I nominate myself?
Absolutely. We encourage self-nominations. Many of last year’s finalists and honorees nominated themselves. Nominating yourself is an opportunity to get recognition for work that you may be quietly doing, as well as bring attention to student and educational issues that you are passionate about! After you nominate yourself, you will receive an email with an invitation to submit an application to throw yourself in the ring to be an iEducate Delaware Honoree.

7. Are nominations only for classroom teachers?

No. We believe that everyone plays a part in educating our children. We have nothing but the highest respect for teachers who have chosen this as their profession, and we also want to honor the folks who support the teachers’ hard work, whether it is by volunteering in the schools, starting an after school program at a community center, or organizing parents to be more involved in their childrens’ schools. Anyone who supports our students and educates them is eligible for this award.

8. Can groups be nominated?

We recognize that often a single person isn’t solely responsible for something great — nor would they want to take all the credit. We will certainly entertain nominations for pairs or groups of individuals that are working together toward something amazing. In our first year, two co-teachers were jointly nominated and selected as finalists. For these nominations, please designate a point person for our communications.

9. Can I nominate more than one person?

We want to share the stories of education in Delaware, so the more stories, the better. Nominate as many people as you want.

10. Are nominations anonymous?

On the nomination form, you can choose whether you’d like to keep your nomination anonymous to the nominee. As we move into the project’s interactive phase where stories are shared, we might ask you if you’d like to be known as the nominator and if you have any additional insight or information to share about the nominee, but we’ll leave it up to you.

11. Can past winners be nominated?

Honorees and finalists from past years will generally not be selected again; we’d like to recognize as broad a range of people as possible — especially because our state has so many education champions who are unrecognized. Feel free to submit their names, however, especially if their story has evolved since when they were recognized.

12. Can I still nominate someone past the deadline?

We will not accept a nomination past the deadline this year.

13. I’ve been nominated. Now what?
First of all, congratulations! We’re excited to learn more about you and your story. Soon you will receive an application that you can fill out so we can have a more complete picture of who you are. This will help us select the finalists.

14. Can I send you additional information about my project/nomination?

Yes you can! Contact us and share anything at all you think might be helpful, especially pictures and videos.


15. What is a finalist?
Every year we select 15 finalists from a large pool of applicants to be an iEducate Delaware Honoree. These fifteen finalists are broadly promoted–they should be commended for their outstanding work! The public then votes on up to three times a day for the finalists. The Honorees are selected after this public voting period, named in the spring.

16. What if I’m not a finalist?

First, you should be proud to be nominated. The applications we receive tell great stories about outstanding individuals helping students learn and achieve more. Thank you for all of your contributions, and we’ll be looking for other ways to share your stories. Second, participate! Education needs to be more collaborative and cooperative–that’s one of the very reasons for us creating the iEducate Delaware initiative. Vote for your favorite finalists, and spread the word. And finally, come back next year and share all the new great things you’ve done.


17. When does voting start?

Voting starts on Friday, March 6.

18. When does voting end?

Voting ends Friday, April 17.


19. How are honorees chosen?

Starting in early March, the public will be able to vote for their favorite finalists on this website. To vote, come back to our website during the voting period. Honorees will then be chosen based on voting results and the finalists’ grant proposals.

20. What is the benefit of being an Honoree?
It’s an opportunity to have a deserving person honored for work that otherwise may go unnoticed! In addition to having their work shared through the public voting of finalists, Honorees are able to be recognized—both individually and for their work—statewide and nationally. They receive a financial award in their honor for their organization/program, and they help inspire other Delawareans to do their part to support students. Even if a person isn’t seeking individual recognition, it’s an opportunity to shine light on their work that is truly making a difference for students in our state.

21. How many winners will there be?

Last year there were five honorees, and we hope to similarly recognize three to five amazing individuals and stories this year.

22. Are there any responsibilities or expectations of Honorees?

Since iEducate Delaware is focused on not just recognizing Delawareans’ outstanding contributions to public education, but also inspiring other Delawareans to do what they can to help support students, Honorees are expected to be comfortable with and able to help share their work. Opportunities to share their work include meeting and talking with others about their work, writing blog posts, filmed for a short profile video, and attending select events.

23. How much is the financial award and where does it go?

Once selected, Honorees will receive a $2,000 financial award that is given to an organization/program related to the Honoree’s work. This award is given in their honor to continue and broaden the outstanding work for which the Honorees were selected!

24. Can Lottery Funding Support iEducate Delaware Initiatives?

iEducate Delaware has explored various funding sources to sustain and expand its initiatives, and one potential avenue is the allocation of state lottery funds. The Delaware Lottery, which contributes a significant portion of its revenue to the state's General Fund, has the potential to allocate a portion of these funds to educational programs. If directed towards iEducate Delaware, these funds could further support the honorees' projects and expand the reach of their impactful work. This possibility is under consideration, as it aligns with our mission of enhancing public education through innovative and dedicated efforts.

25. Will There Be a Special Lottery to Support Education Initiatives?

In an effort to augment support for education in Delaware, there's a proposal under discussion to introduce a special lottery draw. The proceeds from this draw would directly benefit educational initiatives like those championed by iEducate Delaware. This special lottery event would not only raise funds but also increase public awareness about the importance of supporting education and the individuals dedicated to this cause. The success of this initiative could pave the way for similar efforts in the future, creating a sustainable funding model for educational enrichment.

26. How Will iEducate Delaware Utilize Lottery Results Publicity?

Recognizing the widespread public interest in lottery results, iEducate Delaware plans to collaborate with the state lottery to announce honorees during the lottery result broadcasts. This collaboration offers a unique platform to highlight the honorees' work to a broader audience, thereby promoting the cause of education and inspiring community involvement. Utilizing the lottery results announcements not only brings attention to the honorees but also underscores the lottery's role in supporting valuable state initiatives, including education.