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2013 iEducate Delaware Honorees

We are excited to announce the 2013 iEducate Delaware Honorees! In its second year, iEducate continues to unearth incredible stories of Delawareans who are inspiring young people to learn. We are proud to shed some light on a handful of these outstanding individuals who are quietly making a difference both inside the classroom and out, with the hope that others will be inspired to do the same.Of the fifteen finalists, the five Honorees were ultimately selected through a public voting process and guidance from an external advisory committee of educators and community leaders.

Each Honoree will receive $2,000 to support their work and will be featured throughout the year to represent the embodiment of iEducate Delaware—that everyone has a critical role to play in educating our state’s children.

The 2013 iEducate Delaware Honorees are:

Honoree block grouping

Tara Amsterdam, a teacher a Wilbur Elementary School in the Colonial School District, personalizes learning in her classroom to improve student learning and achievement.

Tameca Beckett, a youth services librarian at Laurel Public Library, established the Get Your MESS (math, engineering, science, and social learning) On! program to encourage learning skills.

Matt Farina, a teacher at Mount Pleasant Elementary School in the Brandywine School District, created fitness programs for the school and a Brandywine School District Elementary Fitness Festival, which was open to the local communities.

Samuel Heed, the Senior Historian and Director of Education at the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, promotes the “Starting a Colony” lesson plan, helping bring local and national history alive for Delaware students.

Jacqueline Lee, the principal at Gallaher Elementary School in the Christina School District, focuses on a whole-child wellness approach to help improve student learning and achievement.

The other 2013 iEducate Delaware finalists are:

  • Dawn Alexander, a preschool teacher at Warner Elementary School in the Red Clay Consolidated School District, prioritizes family engagement, developing the FRIENDs (Families Reading to be Invested, Engaged, Nurturing, and Devoted) program
  • Don Baker, the Executive Director of FAME (Forum for the Advancement of Minorities in Engineering) Inc., spearheads programs and partnerships to prepare students for college and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math.
  • Stephanie Barry, the Director of PAWS for Reading, a program in public libraries and schools that help improve students’ literacy skills by using therapy companion dogs.
  • Sharon Brittingham, the Development Coach Project Director for the Delaware Academy for School Leadership, helps provide school leaders with additional support and guidance.
  • Lane Carter, a teacher at Dover High School in the Capital School District, developed initiatives and partnerships to provide extended learning opportunities for her students.
  • Janice Haney, a media specialist at Brick Mill Elementary School, developed and implemented the WISE program, introducing science, technology, engineering, and math careers to girls.
  • Patches Hill, a technology systems manager at the Indian River School district, has improved the districts’ technology offerings and supports, particularly allowing for underserved students to use their resources.
  • Jennifer Nauman, the principal at Shields Elementary School in the Cape Henlopen School District, has lead the school to incorporate innovative technology to achieve her vision of blended learning and/or a flipped classroom learning environment,
  • Jack Perry, the principal at Prestige Academy Charter School, focuses on preparing his students for college, utilizing programs such as establishing the Most Wanted tutoring program to provide additional help.
  • Ashley Sorenson, a teacher a Howard High School of Technology in the New Castle Vocational Technical School District, piloted a college-prep and access program at the school, partnering with local and national nonprofit organizations and high education institutions.