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Congratulations to our 2013 iEducate Delaware Honorees!

We are excited to announce the 2013 iEducate Delaware Honorees! In its second year, iEducate continues to unearth incredible stories of Delawareans who are inspiring young people to learn. We are proud to shed some light on a handful of these outstanding individuals who are quietly making a difference both inside the classroom and out, with the hope that others will be inspired to do the same.

The 2013 iEducate Delaware Honorees are:

Tara Amsterdam, a teacher a Wilbur Elementary School in the Colonial School District, personalizes learning in her classroom to improve student learning and achievement.

Tameca Beckett, a youth services librarian at Laurel Public Library, established the Get Your MESS (math, engineering, science, and social learning) On! program to encourage learning skills.

Matt Farina, a teacher at Mount Pleasant Elementary School in the Brandywine School District, created fitness programs for the school and a Brandywine School District Elementary Fitness Festival, which was open to the local communities.

Samuel Heed, the Senior Historian and Director of Education at the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, promotes the “Starting a Colony” lesson plan, helping bring local and national history alive for Delaware students.

Jacqueline Lee, the principal at Gallaher Elementary School in the Christina School District, focuses on a whole-child wellness approach to help improve student learning and achievement.



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