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Lori Roe

Lori Roe

Lori Roe, an instructional technology specialist for Cape Henlopen, developed “Beyond Classroom Walls,” a project that uses videoconferencing, virtual experiences for students, an electronic database of digital resources, and the use of iPads to enhance the school’s 9-11th grade social studies curricula. She works with teachers to revise the curricula to better integrate these digital resources.

“I became involved in education because I believe that education can make a difference, one child at a time.”

Lori Roe
Instructional Technology Specialist, Cape Henlopen School District

In her own words…

Excellent public education is important because it reaches all demographics of our youth to prepare them for success in life as productive members of society.

I became involved in education because I believe that education can make a difference, one child at a time.  Education is the path to eliminate ignorance, inspire creativity for new inventions, create critical thinking for real-world problem solving, and develop productive citizens and can lead to a better world.

We are all educators because we share our experiences, help each other in times of need, and work together, so we learn from one another.

I created the Beyond Classroom Walls program because I believe global awareness and collaboration are vital for 21st century learners in developing tolerance and understanding of other cultures, as well as preparing them for their future in a competitive economic, world market.

This project is innovative and unique because it inspires the design of student-centered, project-based learning, enhanced with current technologies for 21st century teaching and learning.

Delaware students are impacted through this work because it allows them to prepare for and interact with experts through virtual field trips, using digital resources for research and problem solving, and collaborating with others beyond their classrooms. Learning is 24/7, has no boundaries, no borders, and no limits!  Collaborating with others is a rich and cultural experience to broaden perspectives and understanding of world issues, both past and present.

If one thing could be changed about Delaware’s education system, it would be: 1) to provide more time, resources, and a venue (physical and/or virtual environment) for teachers to collaborate on curriculum design and teaching pedagogy through the integration of new technologies, and 2) to provide students with a more personalized learning approach with access to digital resources and technology for 21st century learning.

My proudest moments as a champion of education happen when I reconnect with my former students (as adults) who remember their experiences in my classroom as positive and express their gratitude to me as one of their best teachers!

Pushing the envelope means continuing to advocate for our teacher and student voices to be heard, cultivate productive learning environments rich with emerging technologies,  provide time and more time to train professionals to use technologies for personalizing learning and meeting diverse needs.




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